6 Ways to Buy a Ticket to Space in 2024


Space tourism is set to become a reality in 2024. Several companies are already selling seats or preparing to do so.

Here are six ways you can buy a ticket to space next year.

1. Virgin Galactic

Price: $450,000

Virgin Galactic is now taking reservations for spaceflights at $450,000 per ticket. Sales opened on February 16, 2022.

Virgin Galactic’s 90-minute spaceflight includes a runway take-off, an air launch, and a Mach-3 rocket ride to over 300,000 feet above Earth.

Passengers will experience several minutes of weightlessness and view Earth from 17 windows. Upon return, passengers receive their astronaut wings.

The journey starts with membership in the Future Astronaut community, which offers exclusive experiences, events, trips, and space-readiness activities.

2. SpaceX

Price: To be announced.

SpaceX, the first private company to send humans into orbit, plans to sell seats on their Crew Dragon flights.

SpaceX’s ultimate goal is to settle Mars, and they are developing the Starship for larger missions.

They’ve already sold a Starship flight around the Moon to Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa.

3. Blue Origin

Price: Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin focuses on reusable rockets.

Their New Shepard rocket can carry six people to 60 miles high. Despite COVID-19 delays, they aim to start selling tickets for flights in 2024.

They’re also developing the New Glenn rocket for larger missions, aiming for millions living and working in space.

4. Axiom Space

Price: $55 million per ticket.

Axiom Space plans to create the first commercial space station

Meanwhile, they’re sending private citizens to the ISS aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon in October 2024.

Each ticket costs $55 million, and they aim to send three crews per year. They’re also building a viewing port on the ISS for tourists.

5. Boeing

Price: $35,000 per night (ISS accommodation).

Boeing is working on the Starliner spacecraft to ferry astronauts to the ISS.

After an uncrewed test flight, they aim to fly to the ISS by late 2024.

Once operational, Boeing can also fly private passengers to the ISS. NASA has set a price of $35,000 per night for ISS stays.

6. Space Adventures

Price: To be announced.

Space Adventures offers private spaceflights to the ISS and, eventually, the moon.

They’ve arranged trips using Russian spacecraft and have an upcoming mission on the Soyuz MS-20 in December 2024.

They’re also partnering with SpaceX for a mission that will send four tourists into orbit at several times the height of the ISS.


While space travel remains expensive, at least six companies are offering ways to buy a ticket to space in 2024.

As competition increases, prices may eventually drop, making space tourism accessible to more people.

Until then, the dream of space travel is closer than ever for those who can afford it.