Blending Every Human on Earth Would Create a Meatball Three Eiffel Towers Wide

Ever wondered what would happen if you blended every living person on Earth into a giant meatball?


Well, someone actually did the math to find out.

Calculating the Meatball’s Size

Imagine a scenario where all the humans on the planet are tossed into a colossal blender.

The resulting gooey mixture, when shaped into a meatball, would be surprisingly small. According to a creative Reddit user, kiwi2703, here’s how it works out:

  • The density of a human is about 985 kilograms per cubic meter, close to that of water (1,000 kg/m³).
  • The average human body mass is around 62 kilograms.
  • This means you could fit about 16 humans into a cubic meter of space (but seriously, don’t try this at home).

With 7.88 billion people in the world, you’d get a total volume of 496 million cubic meters.

Now, if you rolled all that into a single meatball, it would be just under 1 kilometer wide, or about the height of three Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other.

Surprisingly, this human meatball would easily fit into Central Park in New York City.

A Surprisingly Small Ball for Such a Big Population

For the number of people we have on Earth, this is a relatively small ball.

It’s mind-boggling how much of our planet has been altered to sustain this hypothetical meatball.

How Much Would the Meatball Grow Each Year?

As the world population continues to grow, how much bigger would this meatball get each year? Another Reddit user, u/IntoAMuteCrypt, chimed in with some calculations:

  • The world population grows at about 1.05% per year.
  • Let’s round up the sphere’s diameter to 1 kilometer for simplicity, assuming the average human mass remains the same.
  • Over a year, the population grows by a factor of 1.0105, so the volume increases by the same factor.
  • The radius grows proportionally to the cube root of the volume, multiplying by 1.0035.
  • Thus, the 500-meter radius sphere becomes 501.7439 meters in radius, growing by 1.7439 meters in a year. That’s roughly 16 micrometers per second. Not much, right?

Previous Thought Experiments: The Grand Canyon Example

This isn’t the first time someone has pondered such bizarre scenarios. Back in 2014, with a population of 7.159 billion, it was calculated that you could fit everyone into the Grand Canyon.

Though, back then, the idea of a gooey human ball wasn’t part of the equation.

Conclusion: A Strange World Indeed

So there you have it—a giant human meatball, fitting neatly into Central Park, and growing ever so slightly each year.

It’s a strange world we live in, isn’t it?