Breville Single And Double Filter Size Lights Flashing (Solved!)

If you’re in the mood for a good espresso or cappuccino but find that your Breville Barista Express isn’t working and the filter size lights are flashing, it can be quite frustrating.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem.

How To Fix The Filter Size Buttons Flashing?

The Breville Barista Express has a safety feature where the single and double shot lights flash if there’s a problem.

This issue can occur if the coffee hopper and the top burr aren’t properly locked, if there are coffee beans causing a jam, or if the contact pressure switch is not activated.

Scroll down for more detailed instructions on how to resolve this problem!

Breville Single And Double Filter Size Lights Flashing

Lock The Coffee Grinder In Properly

Ensure the top burr grinder and hopper are properly locked. If they don’t lock with minimal force, avoid using excessive force to prevent damage.

There may be coffee grounds obstructing them.

Lock both the hopper and coffee grinder on your Barista Express, even when you’re not using them, as this is necessary for the machine to operate properly.

Breville barista express coffee bean hopper

Clean The Coffee Grinder

Coffee can get stuck in the grinder, preventing it from locking properly. This can sometimes also lead to the grinder getting very loud.

Regularly cleaning the grinder not only prevents this but also extends its lifespan and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

Unplug And Remove The Container

To begin, unplug the espresso machine and remove the hopper sitting on top of the grinder.

Do this by removing the cap from the container and turning the small handle inside the bean reservoir to the left to detach it.

Image showing how to unplug and remove the container

Vacuum Out the Coffee Beans

Once you have removed the hopper, you will see the grinder inside, likely with some remaining coffee beans. Vacuum these out.

Next, use the metal pin to turn it counterclockwise, which will release the top part of the grinder. Clean this part with a brush.

image showing how to get the top grinder out

Remove The Hexagon Bold

Beneath this part, you’ll find a hexagonal socket head, which is the part most prone to jamming in the grinder.

Counterintuitively, turn this socket to the right to loosen it.

After loosening, you can remove the bolt, which has some washers on it. Remember the order in which they’re placed for reassembly.

Then, remove another grinding part and clean it with a brush.

Finally, you’ll find a significant amount of ground coffee inside the machine. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove this as well.

Later on, when reattaching the part with the hexagon socket, be careful not to overtighten it. Tighten it until the grinder starts spinning and cannot be screwed any tighter, then give it a light tap to secure it.

image showing how to turn the hex bolt

Remove The Wheel

Next, you’ll see a wheel located further down. This can be lifted using a pair of pliers.

There’s no need to unscrew it or perform any other disassembly; simply pull it up to remove it. This part can also be cleaned with a brush.

Remove The Fabric Ring

At the bottom, you will find a small fabric ring. Carefully remove this ring. Once it’s out, you’ll notice more coffee grounds at the bottom. Vacuum these up as well.

Make sure to check the hole at the bottom, through which ground coffee passes into the portafilter. Coffee can sometimes get stuck here. Ensure you unjam this hole using a tool like a toothpick.

Put Grinder Back Together

Now put the grinder back together in reverse order and it should be good to go again.

Breville barista express pulling espresso

Fix The Contact Pressure Switch

Ensure that the hopper’s pins properly engage with the contact pressure switch as you lock the hopper into place.

Sometimes, the contact pressure switch might move off its locator pins. In such cases, the hopper’s pins might not engage the switch, leading the Barista Express to mistakenly perceive that the hopper is not securely locked in place.

Additionally, it’s possible that the hopper itself is damaged, resulting in the pins not being pressed in as they should be.


It can be very annoying when your Barista Express is not working and filter-size lights are flashing but you don’t know what it means.

In summary, here is how to fix the flashing lights:

  • Try to lock the top burr and hopper in properly.
  • Clean the coffee grinder and hopper.
  • Fix the contact pressure switch.

I hope this article helped you turn off the filter-size lights and that you can now enjoy a nice espresso.

If you encounter any other problems with your espresso machine, don’t hesitate to check out this troubleshooting guide for the Breville.

Thanks for reading!