Can Keurig Make Hot Water? (Explained!)

Have you run out of K-cups but still have instant coffee in your kitchen cabinet? Or would you like to make tea with your Keurig coffee maker?

You will be pleased to hear that your Keurig can also make hot water with which you can make instant coffee or tea.

Can Keurig Make Hot Water?

Yes, Keurig coffee makers can make hot water. All you have to do to get hot water from your Keurig is first, remove the old K cup from your Keurig coffee maker. Then rinse it with water by pressing the K button once. After you’ve done that, you can pour a cup of hot water with your Keurig by just pressing the K button.

can keurig make hot water

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Remove K-cup And Rinse Keurig

To make hot water with your Keurig coffee maker, you must first remove the K-cup that is probably still in the coffee maker.

You want your Keurig to dispense only hot water instead of coffee, so don’t put a new K-cup in it. That way, the water won’t run through a K-cup that brews coffee.

After removing the old K-cup, rinse the coffee maker by pressing the K-button once. This ensures that all the old coffee residue is washed out and that you do not get light brown water from your Keurig.

Make Hot Water With Keurig Coffee Maker

Now that you have rinsed the coffee maker, you can close the lid, choose a cup size and press the K button. Your Keurig will now dispense plain hot water. Press the K button more if you need more hot water.

The water that the Keurig dispenses is around 185 degrees Fahrenheit. While you can make tea with water that hot, it is not the ideal temperature for tea.

When you make tea you want your water to be boiled. Otherwise, the tea tastes a little different and you may get a little foam on the tea. So it’s better to just use a kettle if you want to make tea.

However, the temperature of the water that your Keurig dispenses is perfect for making instant coffee.

hot water from keurig

Water From Keurig Looks Dirty

If you rinsed your Keurig coffee maker once before putting the water in a cup, but the water still has a light brown color. It may be time to descale your Keurig coffee maker.

Keep in mind that it is normal for the water to look a little white because of all the little bubbles from the hot water. This should disappear after about a minute, then the water should be clear.

dirty water from keurig

Can You Run a Keurig Without a Pod?

As discussed above, yes, you can use a Keurig without a pod. After you run your Keurig without a pod and you open the lid, there will be water droplets everywhere, which you can wipe off with a towel.

When you use a Keurig without a K-cup, hot water comes out of your Keurig. You can use that water to cook with or make tea.


Yes, you can make hot water with your Keurig coffee maker. But if you want to make tea, that’s not the ideal way, it’s better to use a kettle. To summarize, this is how you make hot water with a Keurig coffee maker:

  1. Remove old K-cup
  2. Rinse Keurig by pressing the K button once.
  3. Pour hot water into a cup by pressing the K button

I hope this article helped you with getting hot water from your Keurig coffee maker.

Thanks for reading!