Crowdfund Launched to Send a Flat-Earther to Space


Despite overwhelming evidence and countless photographs proving that Earth is a globe, some people still believe it’s flat.

These flat-Earthers often claim that photos from space are doctored by NASA for unclear reasons, suggesting a widespread conspiracy.

Marc Gauld’s Campaign

To settle the debate once and for all, Marc Gauld has started a crowdfunding campaign to send a flat-Earther to space.

His goal is to raise $250,000, the current cost of a ticket on a Virgin Galactic flight, which would allow a flat-Earther to see the Earth’s shape firsthand and report back to their community.

Campaign Goals

“This campaign aims to prove to flat-Earthers that the Earth is round,” Gauld states on his GoFundMe page.

He hopes that flat-Earthers will contribute to the campaign, demonstrating their commitment to their belief in a flat Earth and willingness to test it.

Expert Skepticism

Astrophysicist Dr. Alfredo Carpineti expressed skepticism about the idea, questioning the merit of giving flat-Earthers the opportunity to go to space.

“Why should they get to go to space?” he asks, highlighting the frustration many scientists feel about engaging with flat Earth theories.

Nevertheless, Gauld remains optimistic, hoping that if the necessary funds are raised, high-profile flat-Earthers will apply for the chance to travel to space.

The chosen individual would then have the opportunity to confirm the Earth’s shape to their community.

Industry Support

Gauld has already reached out to space industry leaders Elon Musk and Richard Branson about securing a spot on a future flight, emphasizing the importance of this mission in the name of science.

He urges people to support the campaign to finally put an end to the flat Earth debate, arguing that such a move would help in halting the spread of scientifically unsupported views.

A Safer Alternative

While it’s uncertain whether this mission will change the minds of flat-Earthers, it offers a safer alternative to their current methods of proving their theory.

Which have included dangerous endeavors like building homemade rockets or attempting perilous journeys to find the edge of the world.

Sending a flat-Earther to space would provide a conclusive and safe method of addressing this controversial belief.