Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Clean Message Reset (Explained!)


If you’ve noticed the sliding “Clean” light on your FlexBrew or simply want to maintain your machine’s performance. Resetting your Hamilton Beach coffee maker when it keeps saying clean is easy.

This guide will walk you through how to reset that clean message and thoroughly descale your coffee maker.

How To Reset The Clean Message On A Hamilton Beach Flexbrew?

Your Hamilton Beach coffee maker will show a sliding “Clean” light across the display after every 30 brewing cycles.

To quickly reset the “Clean” light, unplug the coffee maker. After waiting for a few moments, plug it back in. This action will reset the 30-cycle counter, but be aware it will erase any programmed time settings.

You still have to descale your Flexbrew every once in a while. Let’s get into some more detail on how to do this below!

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew says clean

How To Descale A Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker?

A good rule of thumb is to descale your machine at least every three months, especially if you’re using unfiltered hard water.

Calcium buildup from water can impact the taste of your coffee and the efficiency of your coffee maker.

You might need to perform descaling more frequently if, for example, you notice that the coffee starts to have a strange taste, or if your brewed coffee is coming out a little colder than usual.

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring that your Breville Precision Brewer continues to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Preparing For Descaling

First, remove any water filters from the coffee maker and ensure that the brew basket is in place but empty.

You should also have white vinegar or a descaling solution ready for use.

Start The Descale Process

Fill the reservoir with white vinegar or the descaling solution up to the 3-cup mark and start the brew cycle.

After it runs for about a minute and there is some liquid in the pot, pause the cycle and allow the vinegar to sit inside the machine for 30 minutes.

This allows the vinegar or descaling solution to break down the mineral deposits. After this soaking period, restart the machine to finish the vinegar brew cycle.

Rinse Your Coffee Maker

Once done, empty the carafe and rinse it along with the brew basket using soap and water.

Refill the reservoir with fresh water and run a full brew cycle to rinse out any leftover vinegar. This rinsing cycle should be repeated 3 times.

The scent of vinegar can be quite potent during the descaling process, so make sure the room is adequately ventilated.

Also, always handle the hot parts of the coffee maker with care.

How To Reset Other Messages On The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew?

Apart from the ‘clean’ light or message, there are some other messages that can come up on your Hamilton Beach Flex Brew. Here is in short how to fix them:

How To Reset The Overload Message?

To fix the overload message on the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, clean both the bottom and top needles using a paper clip and water. Run rinse cycles without a K-cup to clear debris.

If the message persists, try resolving airlocks using the ‘Lift and Tilt’ technique with the water reservoir, an inflated Ziplock bag, a turkey baster, or a straw.

Finally, descale the Flexbrew with a vinegar-water solution.

Check out the full guide I wrote on fixing the overload message, for some more detail on the process.

How To Reset The Needle Message?

When your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew shows the ‘needle’ message, it means that the needles are clogged and need to be cleaned.

To fix the ‘needle’ message on a Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, clean the bottom and top needles with a straightened paper clip and rinse under water. Run water-only cycles to flush out debris.

If the message persists, descale the machine with a vinegar-water mix

Check out the full guide I wrote on fixing the needle message on your Flexbrew, for some more detail on the process.

The Last Thing You Could Try

If you’ve tried all the fixes and your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew still says ‘clean’, there might be a bigger problem like a broken control board.

You can choose to ignore the light and continue using it, or if the light annoys you, contact Hamilton Beach’s support.

If it’s under warranty, they might give you a new one. If not, they often give a good discount for a new machine.


The longevity and performance of your Hamilton Beach FlexBrew are directly tied to its upkeep.

By heeding the ‘Clean’ light and routinely descaling, you guarantee not only the machine’s optimal functionality but also the rich taste of your coffee.

A little maintenance goes a long way in ensuring your morning brew remains perfect.

Thanks for reading!