Instant Solo Coffee Maker All Lights Flashing (Solved!)

Facing flashing lights on your Instant Solo Coffee Maker? This is the machine’s way of signaling a problem, but don’t worry, it’s often a quick fix.

My guide below walks you through simple steps to troubleshoot this issue and get back to brewing your perfect cup!

How To Fix All The Lights Flashing Problem On A Instant Solo Coffee Maker?

  1. Check the water tank to ensure it is filled and properly positioned in the machine.
  2. Unclog the top needle using a paperclip or toothpick after unplugging the machine.
  3. Inspect the bottom needle for bends or damage, and replace the pod holder if necessary.
  4. Keep the bottom needle clean by removing and cleaning the basket, and using a paperclip to unclog the needle.
  5. Ensure capsules are punctured by pressing down on the coffee pod when inserting or pre-puncturing it with a needle.
  6. Descale the coffee maker when needed (every 3-5 months) using white vinegar or citric acid and fresh water.

Let’s get into some more detail below!

instant solo all lights flashing

Check The Water Tank

If all the lights on your Instant Solo are flashing, it means that the machine is having trouble getting enough water.

Check the water tank to make sure it has enough water in it. Then, ensure that the tank is properly positioned and seated in its designated spot on the machine.

Unclog The Top Needle

When you open the lid, you will see a needle in the center with four small holes. These holes can get clogged, keeping them clean can prevent your Instant Solo from flashing all its lights.

To address this, you can use items like a paperclip, toothpick, or another pointy tool.

First, unplug the machine. Next, open the lid and find the needle with the four holes in it. Insert the paper clip into each hole and gently move it around to clean them. Run a cycle without a K-cup in the machine to remove any leftover coffee. It’s similar to unclogging a Nutribullet coffee maker.

Check If The Bottom Needle Is Broken Or Bent

First, make sure the capsule holder is in your Instant Solo coffee maker before you start brewing. It might seem like a simple step but double-checking can prevent all the lights from blinking if the holder is placed incorrectly or is missing altogether.

When you open the lid of the coffee maker, you will see the needle. This is meant to pierce the coffee pod, allowing water to flow through the capsule and brew the coffee.

If this needle in the pod holder is bent or damaged, it may not puncture the pod correctly. This could lead to leaks or coffee grounds in your brewed coffee and lights flashing.

In the case of a damaged needle or puncture point:

  1. If your Instant Solo coffee maker is still under warranty, contact their customer support. They might offer a replacement or send you a new coffee pod holder.
  2. If it’s out of warranty, you might consider manually piercing the coffee pod before placing it in the machine to ensure proper water flow.
  3. Alternatively, purchase a new coffee pod holder or accessory that is compatible with your Instant Solo coffee maker from online retailers like Amazon.
The Instant Solo needle that can get bent, damaged or clogged.

Keep The Bottom Needle Clean

The needle in the basket can also get clogged, preventing water from passing through it. When this happens, all the lights on the machine might start to flash.

To remove the basket for cleaning, push up from the bottom and pinch the sides near the top. This will unlock the tabs holding it in place, allowing you to easily take the basket out.

Next, separate the basket into two pieces, it splits apart in the middle. Gently snap it apart to do this. After separating the basket, you can now access the needle hole from the bottom.

Use a paper clip to clean the needle. Insert it from the bottom and gently wiggle it around to remove any debris. After that, rinse the needle under running water in the sink to clean it thoroughly.

In the smaller section of the basket, there are four holes that can become blocked with coffee grounds. Rinse this part in the sink also to ensure all the holes are clear and free of any blockages.

Make Sure The Capsules Are Punctured

The bottom needle might not be sharp enough to pierce some coffee pods. In such cases, you’ll need to give it a hand.

When you put the coffee pod in the Instant Solo coffee maker, press it down to make sure the needle goes through the pod’s bottom.

You can also pre-puncture the coffee pod using a needle or small pin before placing it in the holder.

This step might be needed especially when using coffee pods from brands other than those recommended by Instant Solo. Some of these brands use different seals, like plastic, that can be harder for the machine to break through.

Your Instant Solo Needs To Be Descaled

After 300 cycles, the 10 and 12-oz buttons on the coffee maker will flash, indicating it’s time to descale. In some instances, descaling can also fix all the lights flashing.

It’s recommended to descale every 3 months if you have hard water, or every 5 months for soft filtered or bottled water.

To descale, you’ll need a household descaler (white vinegar or citric acid), fresh water, and a large container to catch the hot water/vinegar mix.

Here is how to descale your Instant Solo coffee maker:

  1. Empty the water reservoir of the coffee maker. Fill it with vinegar up to the ‘Minimum’ mark, and then fill the rest with fresh water up to the ‘Max’ mark.
  2. Place a large container under the coffee maker to catch the output, ensure there is no coffee pod in the machine, and close the lid.
  3. Press the 10 and 12-oz buttons together to enter descale mode. The buttons will flash, and the descaling solution will flow through the machine.
  4. After descaling, clean the water tank with soap and water. Fill it again with fresh water up to the ‘Max’ mark. Repeat the process to run a rinse cycle, which clears out the remaining vinegar solution from the machine.

The coffee maker will exit descale mode automatically once the process is complete. At this point, you can use it to brew coffee again, and the flashing lights indicating the need for descaling should have stopped.


Flashing lights on your Instant Solo Coffee Maker are more of a helpful alert than a cause for alarm.

By checking the water tank, cleaning the needles, ensuring proper pod puncture, and descaling when necessary, you’re well on your way to resolving these issues.

With these easy steps in your back pocket, you can quickly return to what matters most: enjoying your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Thanks for reading!