Nespresso Inissia Not Pumping Water (Solved!)

Facing issues with your Nespresso Inissia not pumping water? This concise guide provides solutions to fix the problem and tips to prevent it in the future.

From unclogging methods to the descaling process, let’s get your coffee machine up and running in no time!

How To Fix My Nespresso Inissia That Is Not Pumping Water?

If there is no water coming out of your Nespresso Inissia, it might be clogged. This can be fixed by manually forcing water into the machine using a turkey baster, a straw, or a syringe. If this doesn’t work, you can also try to blow into a tube attached to the machine. If it’s still not working, descaling your machine could solve the issue.

Additionally, check if there are any problems with the spring in the water tank that might prevent water flow; clean it with white vinegar or replace the tank if necessary.

If none of these methods work, the issue might be a faulty pump, in which case you should contact Nespresso customer service.

To prevent the machine from not pumping water in the future, always keep some water in the tank when brewing and regularly descale your machine every three months.

Let’s dive into some more detail below!

Nespresso inissia not pumping water

Your Inissia Might Be Clogged

Your Nespresso Inissia coffee maker can get clogged. This happens when you use it a lot and don’t clean it often. Sometimes, air can get trapped inside if you try to make coffee when there’s not enough water.

To fix this, here’s what you can do:

  1. Fill the water container up to the middle.
  2. Use a tool like a turkey baster to take some water from the container.
  3. Put the turkey baster on the water suction port that sucks up the water into the coffee maker.
  4. Push the button to start making coffee. At the same time, squeeze the turkey baster to force water into the machine.

If you don’t have a turkey baster, you can use a straw or a syringe instead.

If this didn’t work you can also try this slight variation on this method:

  1. Take off the water container.
  2. Put a tube on the part where the machine sucks up water. The tube should fit well.
  3. Fill the tube with water.
  4. Blow into the other end of the tube.

This fix doesn’t only work wonders with your Nespresso Inissia, It can also help you to unclog a Nespresso Vertuo when it’s not pumping water.

Another way to force water down your Nespresso Inissia is with a zip-lock bag. Check out this video for that method: 

Your Inissia Needs To Be Descaled

After you’ve unclogged your Inissia the can still be scales and mineral deposits left in the machine. To get rid of this, its a good idea to descale your machine.

How to Descale Your Nespresso Inissia Machine

  1. Start by preparing the machine:
    • Turn on your Inissia machine.
    • Ensure that there are no capsules inside the machine.
    • Empty the capsule container and the drip tray.
    • Position a container that can hold up to 1L under the coffee outlet.
  2. Prepare the descaling solution:
  3. Activate the descaling mode:
    • Wait until the two buttons on your machine stop flashing.
    • Then press both buttons simultaneously for three seconds.
    • The lights on the machine will start flashing quickly, which indicates that the descaling mode is activated.
  4. Start the descaling process:
    • Press the “Lungo” button to start the process.
    • Once it has finished, refill the water tank with the used solution.
    • Press the “Lungo” button again and let all the descaling solution flow through the machine once more.
  5. Rinse the machine:
    • Empty the water tank and rinse it out thoroughly.
    • Refill the water tank with fresh water.
    • Press the “Lungo” button to empty the water tank completely, thus rinsing the machine.
    • Finally, empty and rinse out the drip tray.
  6. Exit the descaling mode:
    • Press the two buttons simultaneously for three seconds to exit the descaling mode.
    • Wait while the buttons blink for about 25 seconds during the pre-heating phase.

Now, all the leftover scales and mineral deposits should be cleaned out of your Nespresso Inissia, which improves the flow of water and taste of your coffee.

Problems With The Spring In The Water Tank

The water tank features a spring-loaded water port at its base, designed to prevent leakage when the tank is detached while enabling water flow when properly positioned on the machine.

This spring can sometimes become obstructed, jammed, or even break entirely, resulting in complications for your water flow.

In order to diagnose this issue, begin by removing the water tank and inspecting the spring. You might notice white mineral deposits that can prevent the spring from moving freely. This restriction could subsequently impede water from flowing into the machine.

A simple and effective cleaning solution can be made using white vinegar. Its acidic properties are effective in dissolving limescale deposits, thereby clearing any potential blockages and fixing the flow of water.

To clean the spring, lay the water tank on its back and pour a modest amount of vinegar into the water port. Push down on the spring several times to ensure the vinegar permeates throughout. Leave it to sit for approximately 30 minutes before thoroughly rinsing the water tank with fresh water.

However, if upon inspection you notice that the spring is damaged or snapped in half, a cleaning won’t suffice. In such a case, replacing the water tank is necessary.

My Inissia Is Still Not Pumping Water

If you have attempted all suggested remedies and yet there is still no water coming out of your Inissia coffee machine, the problem may well be a faulty pump.

In this case, your best course of action is to contact the customer service department. If your machine is still under warranty, Nespresso will likely provide a replacement at no cost.

If, however, your warranty has expired, they’ll usually offer you a heavy discount for a new machine. They understand the inconvenience caused and would want to assist in easing your transition to a new product.

How To Prevent Your Inissia From Not Pumping Water?

If you want to make sure that your Nespresso Inissia machine doesn’t stop pumping water, there are some crucial preventive steps you should follow.

Firstly, always ensure there is some water in the water tank when making your coffee. If the tank runs completely dry, air can be drawn into the machine instead of water. This might lead to air bubbles getting clogged in the tubing and causing blockages.

This is a common reason why the water flow might get disrupted, so ensuring your water tank isn’t entirely empty while brewing will be beneficial.

Secondly, descaling your machine is vital to prevent this issue. Nespresso recommends that you descale your Inissia machine once every three months. This ensures that there are no accumulating mineral deposits and scales that can block the water flow.


If your Nespresso Inissia isn’t pumping water, it’s likely due to a clog, scale build-up, or a problem with the water tank or pump.

Clearing potential clogs, regular descaling, and ensuring the water tank is functioning correctly could resolve this issue. If all else fails, reach out to Nespresso customer service.

To prevent future issues, maintain water levels when brewing and descale every three months.

Thanks for reading!