Why Is My Ninja Coffee Maker Overflowing The Grounds Basket?


If you’ve been struggling with issues like your Ninja coffee maker’s filter not draining properly, or finding water getting stuck in the filter, rest assured, you’re not alone.

These are common issues with the Ninja Dual Brew And Ninja Coffee Bar that can lead to an overflow and affect the quality of your brew. In this article, we’ll explore all possible causes and their respective solutions to these problems!

How To Fix A Ninja Coffee Maker That Is Overflowing The Basket?

  1. Ensure you’re using the right amount of coffee. Too much can lead to overflowing, because of the slow water flow and blooming of the coffee grounds.
  2. Use a medium grind. Grind size that’s too fine or too coarse can cause overflow or weak taste, respectively.
  3. Always use a single, unfolded, quality filter. Using double or folded filters can lead to overflowing.
  4. Regularly clean the filter basket, especially around the exit spout, to prevent blockage. Remember to run a descaling cycle every three months.
  5. Check the spring under the filter basket. If it’s worn out or stuck, clean it with vinegar or manually adjust it. Handle this part with care, and consider replacing it if it’s old or worn out.

Let’s dive into some more detail below!

ninja coffee maker grounds overflow Basket

Too Much Ground Coffee In The Basket

If you put too much ground coffee into the Ninja coffee basket, there might not be enough room for the water. This becomes a problem at the start of the brewing process when the ground coffee ‘blooms’. ‘Blooming’ is when the coffee grounds expand after it first comes into contact with water.

Also, when you use too much coffee, it slows down the water flowing through it. This causes the water to build up in the basket and it might overflow.

The Grind Size Is Too Fine

The grind size of your coffee is really important too. If the grind size is too fine or too small, it can slow the water flow a lot, this can also lead to leaks or overflows.

On the other hand, if your coffee is ground too coarsely, the water can run through it too fast. While this might not cause overflowing, it can make your coffee taste weak because it doesn’t have enough time to take in all the flavor from the coffee.

Most automatic coffee makers, like Ninja coffee makers, work best with a medium grind.

Folded Or Double Paper Filter

Double Paper Filter

Almost everyone has mistakenly used two filters at once. If you’re fortunate, the only consequence is a longer wait for your coffee. However, in most cases, this error can lead to the basket overflowing.

The water struggles to pass through the ground coffee and two filters fast enough, resulting it overflowing.

The solution is simple: Always double-check that you are only placing one white or brown filter in the basket before use.

Folded Paper Filter

Less expensive or inadequate quality filters may sometimes fold or collapse when wet. This folding can cause coffee grounds to escape, clogging the outlet, and subsequently, the water backs up, overflowing the basket.

Consider purchasing filters that aren’t too fibrous but are dense enough to let the coffee flow smoothly without caving in. Many generic brand coffee filters offer this balance, providing an effective solution without compromising quality.

In your quest for the perfect brew with your ninja coffee maker, paying attention to these small details like the proper use of a single unfolded filter can make a significant difference.

The Filter Basket Needs Cleaning

The filter basket in your Ninja coffee maker might get blocked with mineral build-up or leftover coffee grinds. This can make the water get stuck in the basket and eventually spill over.

So, it’s important to keep your filter basket clean, especially around the exit spout that leads to the coffee pot.

You can clean the filter basket in the dishwasher, or wash it yourself using a light detergent.

While you’re at it, you might also want to run a descaling cycle to clean out the inside of your coffee maker. This should be done every three months.

Here is a video on how to clean your Ninja coffee maker:

The Filter Basket Spring Is Worn Out

In many Ninja coffee makers, there is a spring-loaded mechanism under the filter basket that facilitates the drip stop feature of the machine. When the carafe is removed mid-brew, this spring mechanism triggers the valve to shut, preventing coffee from spilling onto the hotplate.

However, with prolonged usage, this spring can become misaligned or even jammed. This can interfere with the proper opening or closing of the valve. As a result, there could be an overflow of coffee inside the basket during the brewing process or coffee might spill onto the hotplate when the carafe is taken out.

To temporarily fix this, you can try to manually move the spring up and down to see if it gets unstuck or reseats into the correct position. However, it’s important to handle this part with care to prevent any damage.

If you see old coffee bits or a mineral buildup on the spring, you could clean it with some vinegar. This could help the spring move better.

It’s worth noting that this issue is typically more common with older coffee makers, as the spring can lose its tension over time, and the valve may wear out or become obstructed by coffee residue.

There Are Grounds In My Ninja Coffee Maker Pot

Coffee grounds in your Ninja coffee pot are usually a result of the filter basket overflowing, or the grounds overflowing over the paper filter.

This article discusses how to prevent this, so if you implement the fixes mentioned above, you should not find coffee grounds in your carafe again.

The amount of coffee you use and the grind size of the coffee are particularly important for addressing this problem.

How To Fix A Ninja Filter Basket That Is Stuck Open?

When taking out your brew basket, think of it like pulling out a drawer. You pull it out and then lift it up. To put it back, just do the reverse.

To close your brew basket, you need to fit the brew basket’s tongue (the little sticking-out part) into the slot. Please do this at an angle and then push it straight in until you hear a click.

If the brew basket still won’t close, make sure nothing is blocking the slot. Check that the brew basket’s tongue isn’t bent or broken. If it is, you may need to get a new one or fix the one you have.


Preventing your Ninja coffee maker from overflowing involves several simple but crucial steps.

By adjusting your coffee quantity and grind size, using only a single, quality, unfolded filter, keeping your filter basket clean, and maintaining the spring mechanism under the basket, you can ensure a smooth brewing process.

These small yet significant factors can greatly influence not only the overflow issue but also the overall quality and taste of your coffee. So, keep these points in mind, and your Ninja coffee maker will deliver the perfect brew every time.

Thanks for reading!