Women Can Smell If A Man Is Single


It turns out, women might be able to tell if a man is single just by his smell.

A study found that single men have a stronger body odor (BO) than men in relationships.

Why Do Single Men Smell Stronger?

Research suggests that single men have higher testosterone levels compared to those in relationships. Higher testosterone is linked to stronger body odor.

Testosterone is a hormone associated with sexual competition, which is more prevalent among single men.

When men enter committed relationships, their testosterone levels tend to drop, which may reduce their BO.

This decrease in testosterone could be due to the bond maintenance required in relationships, which doesn’t necessitate high levels of the hormone.

The Sniff Test

To test this idea, researchers conducted a study with 91 men. They gave each participant a plain white T-shirt to wear for a day.

The group included 46 single men and 45 men in relationships. To ensure the T-shirts absorbed enough sweat, the men were asked to engage in moderate exercise.

The researchers then collected the shirts and had 82 heterosexual women smell them. Each woman sniffed six different shirts and also saw a photo of the man who wore each one.

This setup allowed the researchers to compare the perceived strength of BO and its correlation with the men’s relationship status.

What Did The Women Think?

The results showed that single men’s BO was rated as stronger than that of men in relationships.

This suggests that women can detect the difference in body odor based on a man’s relationship status.

Interestingly, partnered women also thought single men’s faces looked more masculine than those of men in relationships.

However, this perception was not shared by single women, indicating that relationship status might influence how women perceive masculinity.

Evolutionary Reasons

From an evolutionary standpoint, it might benefit women to detect these smell signals. Stronger BO could help women avoid men who are already taken and might have fewer resources to offer.

Partnered men might be less desirable to women seeking a mate due to their divided resources and potential obligations to existing partners and offspring.

This detection of chemosignals could thus help women make better mating choices.

Does Strong BO Make Single Men More Attractive?

Unfortunately for single guys, a stronger body odor didn’t make them more attractive or sexy to women.

The study found no correlation between stronger BO and increased attractiveness.

In fact, women found the faces of men in relationships to be more trustworthy and loyal.

These traits are often valued in long-term relationships, which might explain why partnered men were seen more favorably in these respects.

Other Possible Reasons for Stronger BO

The researchers also suggested another reason for the stronger BO of single men: they might just have poorer hygiene.

Studies show that single men often have worse physical and mental health than those in relationships, which could lead to less attention to personal hygiene and, therefore, stronger body odor.

This poorer hygiene could be a result of less social support and self-care routines among single men.

In conclusion, while a stronger body odor might indicate a man is single, it doesn’t necessarily make him more appealing to women.

This finding adds an interesting dimension to our understanding of human relationships and attraction, highlighting how subtle biological signals can influence social perceptions.