Keurig Is Leaking From The Bottom (Simple Fix!)

If you own a Keurig coffee maker, you may have experienced a problem where the machine leaks from the bottom. This can be a frustrating issue, as it can cause a mess and potentially damage your countertops or floors.

In this article, we will discuss the possible causes of a Keurig leaking from the bottom and provide some tips on how to fix the problem.

How To Fix a Keurig That Is Leaking Water From The Bottom?

A leaking Keurig coffee maker can be caused by several reasons including a water reservoir that’s not watertight, a full drip tray, a clogged overflow reservoir, or a leak in the internal tubing.

There are several possible solutions to fix these issues, including using silicon grease, and an O-ring, replacing the water reservoir, cleaning the overflow reservoir, and watching tutorials on youtube.

If these solutions do not work, contacting Keurig customer support may be necessary, as they may offer a replacement coffee maker or a discount for a new one.

Let’s get into some more detail on exactly how to fix these problems below.

keurig leaking from the bottom

The Leak is Coming From The Water Reservoir

The most common cause of a Keurig leaking is that the water reservoir is no longer watertight.

The silicone attachment between the Keurig’s water suction port and the spout of the water reservoir can wear out, causing it to leak. There are three possible solutions to fix this problem:

  1. Use some “Hayness Silicon Grease” to fix the leak. Simply put some grease on the water reservoir feed and put the water tank back in and take it off a couple of times to spread the stuff around. The silicon grease ensures that everything fits properly again and fills up any small holes to stop the leaking, it’s food grade so you don’t have to worry about contaminating the water.
  2. Another solution is to put an O-ring around the water reservoir feed. The O-ring will be squeezed between the water reservoir and the water suction port on the coffee maker. This creates a barrier through which water cannot leak. O-ring sizes 7×2 or 8×2 should be sufficient.
  3. If you don’t want to fix the leak with the solutions stated above, you could just buy a replacement Keurig water reservoir.

Empty The Drip Tray

This is an obvious solution but can be overlooked. If the drip tray is full of water, it will overflow and leak water all over the countertop. Make sure you always empty the drip tray on time.

The Overflow Reservoir Is Leaking

This problem is more common with the older Keurig models, like the Keurig 2.0. The overflow reservoir can get clogged and start leaking when you brew a cup. When this happens, the Keurig is not leaking from the bottom but around the coffee dispenser. Here is how you fix this problem:

  1. Open the handle.
  2. Take out the K-cup holder.
  3. Under the K-cup holder, there is the overflow reservoir that you can also take out.
  4. Clear the overflow tank of all the ground coffee causing the clog with some hot water.
  5. Put all the parts back together, and the leak should now be fixed.

The Inside Tubing Is Leaking

If your Keurig is leaking at the bottom, the leak may be coming from tubes or other parts on the inside. This is also more common on older Keurig models because those models did not yet have the improvements that they have made on newer models.

Although you need to be a bit of a handyman to fix internal leaks, here are two videos I found explaining possible solutions:

The Last Thing You Can Try

If your Keurig is still leaking after you’ve tried all the solutions above (or you’re not quite the handyman and don’t want to take your coffee maker apart). Your best bet is then to call Keurig customer support.

If you’re still under warranty, they’ll probably send you a replacement coffee maker, if not they’ll offer you a discount for a new Keurig.


Below is a table summarizing all the possible causes and solutions to a leaking Keurig coffee maker.

Possible CausesPossible Solutions
The water reservoir is not watertight– Use silicon grease
– Use an O-ring
– Replace the water reservoir
Full drip trayEmpty drip tray
Leaking internal tubingWatch youtube tutorial
Clogged overflow reservoirClean the overflow reservoir

I hope this article helped you to fix the leaking problem with your Keurig.

Thanks for reading!

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