Keurig All Lights On And Not Working (EASY Fix!)

Last Updated on April 5, 2023 by Jorian

You turn on your Keurig coffee machine. If your coffee machine works how it should, the lights are first blinking then you push the coffee size you want and your machine starts brewing.

Sometimes, when you turn on your machine. All the lights stay on and your Keurig won’t brew any coffee.

A few things could be wrong with your coffee machine when this happens. In this article, we go over all the potential causes and how to fix them!

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Why Are All The Lights On?

When all the lights stay on, it means there is something wrong with the pressure in your Keurig coffee maker. Your machine may be clogged or there may be too much coffee in the refillable K-cup. In this case, the coffee machine does not have enough pressure to push water through. It is also possible that there is a leak in one of the tubes in your machine, causing pressure to be lost.

This is a common problem with the Keurig K-Compact, K-35, K-Duo, K-Classic, K-Select, and K-Elite.

keurig all lights on and not working

Your Keurig Coffee Machine Could Be Clogged

The most common problem that’s causing all the lights to stay on. Is that the small hole where the water comes out gets clogged.

This can happen because you might haven’t cleaned and descaled your machine in a while. Then coffee and scale can get stuck and clog things up.

You can fix this by first lifting the lid. Then take a needle or a paper clip and clear the hole (on the side of the lid) of any coffee residue and scale. To make sure it’s all safe, unplug the machine before you do this.

Next, you want to take out the K-cup holder and clean out the small holes at the bottom.

Once the holes are completely clear, plug the machine back in. Then, close the lid and press the power button once. The coffee machine will check if it’s unclogged by pushing some water through.

Now you want to open the lid again and clean the remaining scale the machine has pushed out. After you’ve done this your Keurig machine should be back to normal.

After you got your coffee machine working again it’s a good idea to completely descale the machine. By doing this you make sure it doesn’t happen again in the near future.

It’s easy to descale your Keurig machine. All you need is some descaling solution and follow these instructions on the Keurig website.

The Lights Are Still On After Unclogging

When you have Unclogged your machine but the lights are still on. It could be that your Keurig coffee machine thinks it’s clogged when it actually isn’t.

This can happen when you use a refillable K-cup for instance. You have to get just the right amount of coffee in with those. When you put in a little too much or the coffee is one grind setting too fine. The water can’t go through the pad fast enough and the machine has to use too much pressure. 

You can fix this by resetting your machine. Here is how you reset your Keurig compact:

  1. Plug your Keurig in
  2. Open and close the lid
  3. Hold the power button
  4. Press on all the cup buttons from small to big
  5. Repeat this two more times
  6. Open and close the lid again and your Keurig should be working like normal again

After you’ve reset your machine you can probably only make one or two cups before all the lights come on again. You can prevent this by not putting too much coffee in the refillable K-cup. Alternatively, you could just reset your Keurig machine every time all the lights come on.

Resetting Keurig machine instructions

Alternative Ways To Reset Your Keurig

I’ve found some weird alternative ways to reset your Keurig if the above method doesn’t work.

The first method is to repeatedly and rapidly press the power button 20 to 50 times. This may cause the machine to make a noise, indicating that it’s resetting itself.

Continue pressing the button until the noise persists without needing to press it anymore. After a minute, the machine should reset, and all the lights and buttons should function properly.

Another method, if tapping the power button doesn’t work, try the following: Push the power button, large, medium, and small cup buttons all at once and hold it for a few seconds until the lights go off.

These methods have been reported to fix some Keurig machines. If it works for you, your machine should start functioning correctly.

There Is a Hole In The Tubes of Your Keurig Machine

Instead of your machine not having enough pressure to push water through the coffee. With this problem, your machine is losing pressure because there is a leak in one of the tubes inside your machine.

You can figure out if this is the case by taking the sides of the machine off. You do this by unscrewing them from the bottom of the machine.

Once you got the sides off. You can try to look for the leak. Try resetting your Keurig machine as discussed in the section above.

When you’re brewing a coffee you might hear some sizing from one of the tubes. This indicates there is a leak. You can fix the leak by either putting some heat-resistant tape on the hole. Or by completely changing out the tube.


Your Keurig coffee machine is one of the most popular home coffee makers available. It’s great for making a single cup of coffee or a full pot in just minutes. That being said, there can be problems from time to time. In the case of the lights staying on solid. There are three things you can do:

  1. Unclog your Keurig coffee machine
  2. Reset your Keurig machine
  3. Fix a leak in the tubes of your coffee machine

I hope the lights on your Keurig machine are working normally again and you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee now!

Thanks for reading!