Keurig K-Duo Carafe Leaks When Pouring (Solved!)

It can be very annoying when the carafe leaks all over the countertop every time you try to pour a cup of coffee. Like the issue of the K-Duo not always brewing a full pot, the carafe leaking is also a common problem with the Keurig K-Duo.

How To Fix The Leaking K-Duo Pot?

There is a small parting line in the spout that is causing it to leak. Take some 220 grit sandpaper and gently sand down this parting line. On the handle side of the pot there is a small plastic piece that is preventing the lid from closing completely. You can remove this piece by snapping it off with some pliers. Alternatively, you could get a Mr. Coffee PLD12-RB Carafe that fits perfectly under the Keurig K-Duo.

Scroll down for more details and some other options to solve this problem!

Keurig  k-duo carafe leaks when pouring

Get a Replacement Carafe

If you don’t want to get crafty with the sanding, another option is getting a different carafe.

The Mr. Coffee PLD12-RB Carafe fits perfectly under the Keurig K-Duo, has a glass pouring spout and does not drip when pouring.

If you want to get a different one, make sure it is 6 inches tall and about the same width as the Keurig carafe.

Sand Down The Plastic Pour Spout

Every time you pour a cup of coffee from the carafe, the coffee drips all over the countertop. This is caused by the small ridge in the spout of the carafe.

If you run your finger over the spout, you will feel a small dividing line running from the inside where the coffee hits the spout to the outside edge of the carafe.

When the pot is manufactured, the black handle/spout is cast in a mold that leaves this small parting ridge.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. Take sandpaper with a 220-grit paper and gently sand away the parting line. Alternatively, You can also use a fingernail file.

Remove The Plastic Piece On The Handle Side

On the handle side of the pot, there is a small plastic piece that prevents the lid from closing completely, which can also cause the pot to leak.

You can remove this piece by also sanding it down with a file or by taking some pliers and snapping it off.

The design of the carafe is flawed, but after you make these changes to the pot, you should be able to pour the coffee without it leaking anywhere.

I’m sure Keurig knows about this problem but they refuse to do anything about it.

A Keurig K-Duo Alternative

Another solution would be to just buy another coffee maker. But the Keurig K-duo is very convenient in the sense that you can use single serve K-cups and brew a full pot, there isn’t really another coffee maker like it.

For the same convenience, consider buying a Keurig K-slim and another less expensive coffee maker with carafe, such as the Mr. coffee.

These two together are even cheaper than the Keurig K-Duo is.


It can be very annoying when the carafe leaks all over the countertop every time you try to pour a cup of coffee. Even more annoying is when every solution online says to descale your Keurig K-Duo, which of course doesn’t help.

To overcome this leaking problem, here is a list of all the solutions:

  • Sand down the parting line in the spout.
  • Snap off the plastic piece on the handle side.
  • Get a replacement Mr. Coffee PLD12-RB Carafe.
  • Get a completely different coffee maker.

I hoped this article helped you fix your carafe and that you can pour a cup of coffee the way its supposed to be poured, without leaking.

Thanks for reading!