Keurig Making Weird Noise (How to Fix It!)

Keurig coffee makers are very convenient and easy, but they can produce a lot of noise. It is normal for your Keurig to produce some noise, but there are also noises that your Keurig is not supposed to make.

You might be worried that your Keurig coffee maker is broken if it makes weird noises, so let’s see if the noise your Keurig is making is normal or if you need to fix it!

Keurig Coffee Maker is Making Noise

It is normal for your Keurig to make some noise when the heating element is warming up, after the coffee maker has warmed up it should become quiet, then there is some noise again when brewing a cup of coffee.

The Keurig coffee maker may also make noises that it is not supposed to make or it may happen that your Keurig makes the normal sound but does not brew any coffee. This can happen when your Keurig is clogged or broken.

Keurig making weird noises

The Water Pump Is Making Noise

If your Keurig makes a lot of noise and does not make coffee or very little coffee comes out. Then it may be that the water pump is clogged.

To solve this, get a turkey baser or something similar that can suck up and pump out water.

Put some water in the water tank, grab your baster and suck up some water, then put the end of the baser on the hole where the water goes into the coffee maker. Give it a few jolts and you should see some scale coming loose.

This forces the water into the water pump and breaks down some of the scales that are built up inside.

Once that is done, pour the water out of the reservoir and fill it with fresh water. Next, rinse the coffee maker a few times by simply pressing the brew button.

After you’ve done all that, your Keurig coffee maker should work properly again and be less noisy.

Keurig Coffee Maker Is Making a Clicking Noise

Your Keurig making a clicking noise is usually caused by a dirty needle. The needle that pokes into the K-Cup.

This problem can be easily fixed by getting a paper clip or something similar pointy and poking and wiggling a bit in the three holes next to the needle that pokes in the K-cup.

I wrote an entire article explaining exactly how to do this step by step. You can check that one out here: How to clean the Keurig Needle.

Making Noises After Brewing

A Keurig can make a strange noises after you made a cup of coffee. This happens especially often with the Keurig K-mini.

The strange sounds you hear are water and air moving in the tubes of your Keurig. Because you just made coffee, there is still some pressure in the coffee maker that is moving water and air around.

It is normal for your coffee maker to make these quiet noises after you have made a cup. Even if you unplug it, it will continue to make some noises.

Keurig coffee

Keurig Making Noise But Not Brewing

When your Keurig makes the normal sound it is supposed to make when making a coffee, but no coffee comes out. Again, it may be the case that something is clogging your Keurig coffee maker.

If you’ve tried the unclogging technique explained earlier, but it’s still not working you might want to try this.

The older Keurig models have a small overflow dispenser above the water tank. When your Keurig is even slightly clogged inside, the Keurig blows water or air from this overflow dispenser.

An easy solution is to close the overflow hole with your finger and then press the brew button. This forces all the water and air to pass through the coffee maker instead of going to the overflow hole, removing any blockages.

When that is done you should be able to brew a cup of coffee again.

The Last Thing You Could Try

If you tried all the things discussed above but your Keurig coffee maker is still making a weird noise. It might be the case that something inside your Keurig coffee maker is broken.

Your best shot then, is to contact Keurig customer support, they might know another fix or offer to fix or replace your Keurig if you’re still under guarantee.


When your Keurig coffee maker is making weird noises there could be a few things going on, to summarize:

  • It’s a normal sound that the Keurig is supposed to make
  • The Keurig coffee maker is clogged
  • There is water and air moving around in your Keurig
  • Your Keurig is broken and you need to contact Keurig customer support

I hope that this article fixed the noise that your Keurig is making and you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee again.

Thanks for reading!