Delonghi Magnifica Not Grinding Beans (Fixed!)

Facing issues with the Delonghi Magnifica grinder not working? Here’s a quick guide to troubleshoot and get it back in action.

How To Fix A Delonghi Magnifica That Is Not Grinding Beans?

  1. Turn the grinder to the coarsest setting and adjust one point at a time towards 7.
  2. Clean the Grinder by disassembling and using a dry brush.
  3. If the grinder is making noise but not spinning, the motor belt might have slipped, consider checking and repositioning.
  4. Address Bean Issues by using less oily beans and ensuring beans flow properly.
  5. Check Machine Settings to ensure it’s set to grind whole beans.

Let’s dive into some more detail below!

Delonghi Magnifica Not Grinding Beans

The Grinder Is Stuck And Jammed

When the grinder is stuck it usually doesn’t spin and doesn’t make a sound at all, or it makes a ticking sound.

Adjust The Grinder Setting

To unclog your Delonghi grinder, start by turning it to the coarsest setting which can help free any trapped objects or grounds.

Delonghi advises adjusting the grind-size dial inside the bean hopper only one point at a time while the grinder is running. If you abruptly change the setting to 7 all at once, you risk damaging the grinder or worsening the clog.

With this in mind, when you press the brew button, turn the dial one point towards 7. The coarser you set the grind with each brew, the greater the chance of the grinder unclogging itself.

Once unclogged, you can fine-tune it back to your favorite setting, like around 5 for a stronger taste.

To reduce the risk of jams, the Magnifica performs best when set to a coarser grind. I personally keep mine on a setting of 5 or higher.

If the grinder is still not working you might need to do a deep clean:

Fully Clean And Unstuck The Grinder

If a stone or a hard coffee bean becomes lodged in the grinder, simply adjusting the grind setting might not be enough to dislodge it. In such cases:

  1. Disassemble the grinder.
  2. Use a dry brush to clean each part.
  3. Ensure no obstructions remain.

It’s vital to remember not to clean the parts with water. Even a small amount of residual water left on the components can mess up the grinder again. Instead, use a dry brush.

Here is a video from “MyWorks” that shows exactly how to do this:

The Grinder Is Making Noise But Not Spinning

There is a rubber-toothed belt that connects the motor to the grinder. Sometimes, this belt can slip off its gears and will need to be repositioned and tightened.

When the belt has slipped off, the grinder may still sound like it’s working because the motor is spinning. However, it won’t drive the grinder effectively due to the dislodged belt.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to disassemble the Magnifica. “My Mate Vince” has a great video explaining how to do this:

The Coffee Beans Are Not Reaching The Grinder

It’s unlikely that the coffee beans aren’t reaching the grinder. When it appears this way, the common issue is that the grinder makes noise but isn’t actually spinning (the problem explained above).

As a result, it may seem like the beans aren’t being fed into the grinder when in reality, the grinder isn’t functioning, even though it sounds like it is.

To verify this, first check if the grinder is spinning. Empty all the beans from the machine, then press the brew button while observing the grinder to see if it’s grinding.

You can take the beans out by turning the machine on its side or scooping them out.

If you’ve found that the grinder is working, there are two things you can do:

Use Less Oily Coffee Beans

Oily coffee beans tend to clump when ground. Over time, this can cause an accumulation near the grinder entrance, preventing beans from sliding in easily.

Follow these steps to remove this accumulation of ground coffee:

  1. Unplug the machine.
  2. Take out the small tray by unscrewing the two screws.
  3. Turn the machine upside down to remove most of the coffee beans or scoop them out.
  4. Clear any ground coffee near the grinder’s entrance using a brush. Avoid using water as it can worsen the blockage.

Dark roast beans tend to be oilier. Using a lighter roast coffee bean might help avoid this issue.

Dislodge The Coffee Beans

The slope of the hopper in the Magnifica isn’t very steep. As a result, even when using a light roast, sometimes coffee beans still don’t slide down to the grinder.

When this occurs, you can gently smash the side of the Delonghi to dislodge the beans and help them move toward the grinder.

Alternatively, you can use an object, like a pencil, to stir the beans in the hopper and get them moving. Always ensure the machine is turned off before doing this.

Your Magnifica Is Set To Pre-Ground Coffee

Make sure your machine is set to grind whole beans instead of using pre-ground coffee.

If you have an original Magnifica model, press the aroma button in the middle until the pre-ground light turns off and the coffee bean light turns on.

For Delonghi Magnifica S models, turn the dial clockwise towards the coffee bean icons, moving away from the pre-ground coffee icon.


In conclusion, ensuring your Delonghi Magnifica grinder functions smoothly is key to enjoying a consistent and flavorful brew.

By addressing grinder settings, regular cleaning, and being attentive to bean type and machine settings, you can ensure the grinder is working.

Thanks for reading!