Delonghi Dedica Problems (Troubleshooting Guide!)

The Delonghi Dedica is a reliable espresso machine, but it can develop problems over time. Often, these issues are simple to fix by yourself.

Common Delonghi Dedica Problems

Some common problems people experience with the DeLonghi Dedica are:

  • The machine not turning on.
  • No water coming out.
  • Lights blinking.
  • The steam wand not functioning.
  • Leaking.
  • Coffee is not hot enough.
  • The double shot button not working.

I’m going to cover all these problems and the solutions in this article!

delonghi dedica problems troubleshooting

There Is No Water Coming Out

The most common reason for no water coming out of your DeLonghi Dedica might be that the coffee is ground too finely.

In such cases, the Dedica struggles to generate enough pressure to push water through the coffee grounds in the basket.

Alternatively, the issue could be a clogged coffee basket or a worn-out pressure relief valve.

I have written an in-depth article about troubleshooting the issue when no water comes out of the DeLonghi Dedica.

Delonghi Dedica Won’t Turn On

There are two common reasons why your Dedica might not turn on:

The Power Button Is Not Working

It’s possible that your Delonghi Dedica entered sleep mode while the power button was still pressed.

Turning the power button off and then on again might give the impression that your Dedica isn’t working, as it remains in sleep mode.

To resolve this, simply press one of the three buttons on top of the Dedica while the power button is engaged. This should cause the three buttons to flash, indicating that the Dedica is heating up.

Make Sure It Is Plugged In

Another reason your Delonghi Dedica may not turn on could be because it’s not plugged in. It’s surprisingly common for people to overlook this simple step.

No Crema On Delonghi Dedica Coffee

If the coffee from your Delonghi Dedica machine has little to no crema and tastes somewhat sour, it’s likely because the coffee grind is too coarse. Typically, this issue is also associated with the coffee being weak.

To fix this, you should grind the coffee finer. However, keep in mind that the Dedica machine can’t handle very fine grinds like more expensive espresso machines can.

If you grind the coffee too finely, the Dedica might struggle and the coffee could either come out very slowly or not at all.

Aim to grind the beans just fine enough so that the water flows through properly, targeting an extraction time of around 30 seconds for a 2 oz shot using 18 grams of coffee. The Dedica may not reach exactly 30 seconds but try to get as close as possible without overloading the machine.

It’s important to use an espresso grinder, which produces evenly sized coffee particles. If the particles are uneven, water will pass through too quickly, regardless of how fine the grind is.

As an alternative, you can also buy pre-ground espresso coffee, which is finer than regular ground coffee.

Delonghi Dedica Lights Keep Flashing

There are two lights that can keep flashing on the Delonghi Dedica:

Cup Lights Flashing

This occurs when the machine’s boiler is too hot for brewing espresso, often after using the steam wand or accidentally pressing the steam button. This action heats up the boiler to produce hot water.

To resolve this, let the steam wand or hot water run until it stops, releasing all the excess hot water from the tank. Once done, the flashing should stop.

Orange Steam Light Flashing

This indicates that your Dedica needs descaling. Regular descaling is important for maintaining your machine. There’s a helpful video on YouTube showing how to descale the Delonghi Dedica:

For descaling your Dedica you need a Descaling solution like the one below. I do not recommend using vinegar to descale your Espresso machine, it can be bad for your machine and it can leave a nasty taste in your coffee.

Delonghi Dedica Steam Wand Not Working

Water Tank Is Not Locked In

If the steam wand isn’t working, it might be because the water tank isn’t properly locked in. If the steam starts but then stops, try pushing the tank in further until you hear it click into place.

The Steam Knob Is Not Fully Open

Ensure the steam knob is turned all the way open. If it’s only halfway, the steam wand won’t function correctly.

The Steam wand Is Clogged

Milk residue or limescale can clog the milk frother. To clean it:

  • Turn on the steam button briefly to clear out any milk residue.
  • Turn off the Dedica.
  • Hold the steam wand and unscrew the steel part by turning it clockwise, then pull down the rubber nozzle.
  • Clean both removed parts with soap and hot water. If there’s a lot of residue, soak them in hot water for an hour.
  • Check and clear any blockages from the steam wand.
  • Reassemble the wand.

After cleaning, the steam wand should be unclogged. It’s a good practice to clean the wand after every use.

Delonghi Dedica Stops Then Starts Again

Your Delonghi Dedica is supposed to stop for about 2 or 3 seconds and then continue, this is the pre-infusion time and it helps with a better extraction.

Delonghi Dedica Is Leaking

Leaking Water Underneath

If there’s water leaking under the machine, first check if the drip tray is full or if the water tank isn’t properly locked in. Another cause could be worn-out tubes or valves inside the machine.

If you’re not experienced with appliance repairs, it’s best to contact Delonghi support, especially if your machine is still under warranty.

Leaking Group Head

A common reason for leaks here is an old, dried-out gasket. Over time, the gasket can develop cracks, allowing water to seep through.

You can find replacement gaskets on Amazon and here is a video on how to change the group head gasket on the DeLonghi Dedica:

Also, ensure that the portafilter is tightened correctly into the group head as a loosely sitting portafilter can also cause leaks around the group head.

Steam Wand Is Leaking

With time, the O-ring in the steam wand can dry out and crack, leading to leaks. To replace it:

  • Hold the steam wand and unscrew the steel part by turning it clockwise.
  • Remove the rubber steam nozzle by pulling it downwards.
  • You’ll find the O-ring on the rubber part for replacement.

Delonghi Dedica Coffee Not Hot Enough

There are three things you can do when your Dedica coffee is not hot enough:

Change Temperature Setting

The first thing you can do to increase the temperature of your espresso, follow these steps on your Delonghi Dedica:

  1. Hold the steam button for 10 seconds. The machine’s buttons will start blinking in a sequence.
  2. Press the single shot button once. The buttons will blink again, signaling that you’re in temperature adjustment mode.
  3. Choose your desired temperature setting by pressing one of the buttons:
    • Press the single shot button for a low temperature.
    • Press the double shot button for a medium temperature.
    • Press the steam button for a high temperature.
  4. The button you choose will flash, confirming that your temperature setting is saved.
delonghi dedica changing temperature infographic

Extra Temperature Boost for Your Delonghi Dedica

For an even hotter espresso, try this trick:

  1. Enter steam mode by pressing the steam button once. This action heats the Dedica to a higher temperature.
  2. After this, when you switch back to the coffee brewing mode, you’ll find that the machine prevents brewing as it’s too hot.
  3. You can bypass this by simply turning off the machine and then turning it back on. This reset allows you to brew an espresso with the hotter water.

Before making your espresso, it’s advisable to run a bit of water through the group head. This step ensures the water isn’t excessively hot, which could otherwise adversely affect the taste of your espresso.

Pre-Heat Everything

To further increase the temperature of your coffee, it’s helpful to pre-heat all components:

  • Run water through the portafilter while your cup is positioned underneath to collect the water. This step warms both the portafilter and the cup.
  • After this, remove the portafilter and dry it with a towel.
  • Allow the hot water to remain in the cup for about a minute. Use this time to prepare the portafilter for making espresso.

This method ensures all parts of the machine and your cup are sufficiently warm, contributing to a hotter espresso.

pre heated espresso

Double Shot Not Working

If your Delonghi Dedica is dispensing only a single shot of espresso when you select the double shot option, don’t worry, this is a known issue and there’s an easy fix.

This problem usually arises when the machine’s settings have been altered. To resolve this, you simply need to reset your Dedica back to its factory settings.

How To Reset Delonghi Dedica

Here’s how to reset your Delonghi Dedica:

  1. Enter settings mode by holding down the steam button for 10 seconds. Wait until the buttons start blinking in sequence.
  2. Turn the steam dial to the ON position.
  3. Then press the single shot button. You’ll see all three lights blink simultaneously, signaling that the Dedica has been restored to factory settings.
  4. The single and double shot buttons will begin to blink, indicating that you should now turn off the steam dial.


When you have an espresso machine with many moving parts like the Delonghi Dedica, there are many problems that can occur. Here is an overview of some common problems:

  • No water coming out
  • The machine won’t turn on
  • No crema
  • Lights keep flashing
  • The steam wand not working
  • Leaking
  • Not hot enough
  • The double shot not working properly
  • Stops then starts again

I hope this article helped you solve the problem with your Delonghi Dedica and that you can enjoy a great espresso again!

Thanks for reading!