My Nutribullet Coffee Maker Is Spraying Water (Fixed!)

Is your Nutribullet Brew Choice splattering water everywhere during its brew cycle?

Nothing can be more frustrating than eagerly waiting for your morning coffee, only to find it splashing all over your countertop.

This article dives into the troubleshooting steps to address this issue and ensure that your brewing experience is splash-free.

How To Fix A Nutribullet Coffee Maker That Is Spraying Water Everywhere?

  1. Start by descaling to clean the dispensing spout from mineral deposits and old coffee residue.
  2. Examine and clean the water holes next to the needle in the lid and ensure the bottom needle isn’t damaged or clogged.
  3. Check your capsules to ensure they’re punctured correctly. Be cautious with old or non-NutriBullet-recommended pods.
  4. If you’re using a reusable pod, make sure its lid is closed tightly and the coffee grind is coarse.
  5. If all else fails, consider the possibility of a faulty pump and reach out to Nutribullet’s customer service.

Let’s get into some more detail below!

Nutribullet Coffee Maker Spraying Water

Clean The Dispensing Spout

If your Nutribullet Coffee Maker sprays coffee everywhere during brewing, the culprit could be mineral deposits and old coffee residue accumulating in the nozzle from which the coffee pours.

This buildup might prevent the coffee from flowing out seamlessly, causing it to splatter instead.

To address this, first, wipe the coffee dispensing area with a damp cloth. Then, run a descaling cycle on your Nutribullet Brew Choice. This should effectively clear any obstructions in the nozzle, ensuring a smoother coffee flow.

You can find the descaling instructions in the manual that came with the machine.

Clean The Water Holes Next To The Needle

When you open the lid you can see a needle in the middle of the lid with 4 holes around it. Besides the main nozzle, these small holes can also become clogged. Ensuring these tiny holes are clean can prevent coffee from spilling or splashing coffee during brewing.

Consider it in this manner: if you obstruct half of a garden hose nozzle, the water will jet out more intensely from the open section.

The same principle applies to your NutriBullet coffee maker. For instance, if three out of the four holes get blocked, all the water has to push through the single unblocked hole. As a result, the water expels with a greater force, causing potential splashes and messes.

To address this, you can use items like a paperclip, toothpick, or another pointy tool.

First, unplug the machine. Then, open the lid. Find the four holes surrounding the needle in the lid. Insert the paper clip into each hole and gently move it around to clean them.

Put everything back together, rinse with water to remove any leftover coffee, and you’re ready to make coffee again.

The Four Holes That Can Get Clogged on nutribullet

Check If The Bottom Needle Is Broken Or Bent

Firstly, ensure you’ve placed the capsule holder in your NutriBullet coffee maker before brewing. While it may seem obvious, it’s always good to double-check, as improper placement or it missing completely can lead to messy spills.

Upon opening the lid of the coffee maker, you’ll notice a needle or puncture point designed to pierce the coffee pod. This allows the water to flow through and extract the coffee.

If the needle in the pod holder is bent or damaged, it might not puncture the pod properly. This can result in leaks or even coffee grounds ending up in your brewed coffee.

In the case of a damaged needle or puncture point:

  1. If your Nutribullet Brew Choice is still under warranty, contact their customer support. They might offer a replacement or send you a new coffee pod holder.
  2. If it’s out of warranty, you might consider manually piercing the coffee pod before placing it in the machine to ensure proper water flow.
  3. Alternatively, purchase a new coffee pod holder or accessory that is compatible with your NutriBullet coffee maker from online retailers like Amazon.
The nutribullet Neelde that can get bent or damaged

Keep The Bottom Needle Clean

The needle at the base of the NutriBullet coffee pod holder might also become obstructed with coffee residue or mineral deposits.

Just as with the top needle, this can lead to increased water pressure, resulting in splashes or spills. This might also lead to your Nutri Bullet brew choice leaking water onto the countertop.

Clean it using a paperclip in the same manner as the top needle. Insert the paperclip into the hole near the needle and gently jiggle it. Afterward, run a cycle with just water, without a coffee pod, to rinse.

Make Sure The Capsules Are Punctured

The bottom needle may not be sharp enough to penetrate some coffee pods. In this scenario, you’ll need to assist it.

When you place the coffee pod into the NutriBullet coffee maker holder, press down on it gently to ensure the blade punctures the pod’s base.

Alternatively, you can use a needle or a small pin to pre-puncture the coffee pod before placing it in the holder.

This might be especially necessary if you’re using coffee pods from brands other than NutriBullet’s recommended ones. Some brands may employ different types of seals, like paper, which can be more challenging for the coffee maker to penetrate.

Don’t Use Old Capsules

The ground coffee in a coffee pod starts to emit gases as it ages. This leads to an increase in pressure within the pod. If you brew using an old pod that’s built up too much pressure, it might rupture when you initiate the brewing process.

This could result in a tear in the pod’s seal. Consequently, when the coffee is brewed, you might find coffee grounds escaping from the pod, contaminating your beverage and splattering all over.

If You’re Using A Reusable Capsule

Ensure the lid on your reusable coffee pod is tightly closed before placing it in your NutriBullet Brew Choice. After repeated use, these reusable pods may wear out, causing their lids to open regular pods, which you only use one time.

Avoid using finely ground coffee. If the grounds are too fine, your coffee maker might have trouble pushing water through, leading to spills, grounds in your brew, or half a cup of coffee.

Opt for a coarser coffee grind. Fill the pod up to just below the indicated line, which is approximately equivalent to 2.5 tablespoons.

A Faulty Pump

If you’ve followed all the troubleshooting steps and your Nutribullet coffee maker still spills coffee everywhere, the issue might be a malfunctioning pump that’s pushing water too forcefully.

Your next best step is to contact Nutribullet’s customer service. If your product is still under warranty, they might replace your coffee maker for free. If your warranty has lapsed, they typically offer a significant discount on a new machine.

Short-Term Solutions

If you don’t have the time to unclog and clean your NutriBullet coffee maker right away, here are some temporary measures to consider:

  1. Use a larger mug to ensure all the coffee is contained without splattering.
  2. Always utilize the drip tray when brewing to avoid messes, and consider propping up your mug even more with a small object, like a small basket or a tuna can, to prevent spills.
  3. Lay a cloth or towel under your NutriBullet to catch any drips or splashes.

Remember, these are just temporary solutions, as consistently employing them can become tedious when you’re preparing your coffee.


In wrapping up, splashing coffee from your NutriBullet can often be resolved with a few simple checks and fixes.

From cleaning needles to assessing coffee pods, these troubleshooting tips aim to ensure a splash-free brew. A well-maintained machine makes for a smoother coffee experience.

Thanks for reading!