Ninja Coffee Bar Brew Setting (Rich, Specialty, Ice, Classic)

Are you a coffee enthusiast looking to explore the versatile brewing options offered by the Ninja Coffee Bar?

In this guide, I’ll dive into the different brew modes, explaining what each setting means, and how it can elevate your coffee experience!

What Do The Different Brew Modes On The Ninja Coffee Bar Mean?

  1. Rich Brew Setting produces a stronger, less diluted coffee with a 75-second brew time, ideal for creamy drinks.
  2. Specialty Brew Setting creates a very strong coffee, perfect for lattes and cappuccinos. Uses more coffee grounds and yields a smaller amount.
  3. Over-Ice Brew Setting uses the Japanese method, brewing directly over ice for a flavorful, concentrated result that combats dilution from melting ice.
  4. Classic Brew delivers a balanced, traditional coffee experience reminiscent of an Americano. It’s smoother and perfect for those who enjoy a regular cup without the intensity of richer options.

Let’s get into some more detail below!

ninja coffee maker all brew modes explained

The Rich Brew Setting

The Ninja Coffee Bar’s Rich Brew button makes stronger coffee than its Classic option. It also makes a bit less coffee, so there’s more room for milk or cream.

The rich setting on the Ninja makes stronger coffee because it brews for 75 seconds instead of the usual 60 seconds. It also uses less water, so the coffee isn’t as diluted.

This setting is great for those who like their coffee bold and creamy. Plus, if you want to make fancy drinks like cappuccinos or iced coffee, the strong base from Rich Brew is perfect.

In short, if you want a powerful and flexible coffee taste, Rich Brew is the way to go.

The Specialty Brew Setting

The Ninja Coffee Bar’s Specialty Brew setting makes a strong coffee similar to espresso using a drip process.

The specialty brew setting makes a smaller amount of coffee in the same time as the classic mode but uses more coffee grounds, resulting in a stronger taste. This strong coffee is great for making drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

However, It’s important to find the right balance during brewing to avoid making the coffee too bitter from over-extraction.

The Specialty Brew is much stronger than the classic option and a bit more than the rich setting. Even though it makes a smaller amount of coffee, it uses the same amount of coffee grounds as normal brews, leading to a very strong coffee shot.

The Over-Ice Brew Setting

The Ninja Coffee Bar’s over-ice feature is inspired by Japanese-style iced coffee, where coffee is brewed directly over ice. This method locks in flavors, rapidly cooling the coffee.

When you brew coffee over ice, you need a stronger brew because the melting ice dilutes it.

The Ninja Coffee Bar’s over-ice setting uses less water to produce a more concentrated coffee, ensuring the resulting iced coffee remains flavorful and robust as the ice melts.

In contrast, the classic brew settings produces a thinner coffee, which might taste overly diluted when ice is added.

The Classic Brew Setting

The Ninja Coffee Bar’s Classic Brew setting offers a well-balanced coffee experience reminiscent of an Americano. Neither overly strong nor too mild, it hits the sweet spot for many coffee lovers.

Using more water compared to the Rich Brew setting, Classic Brew produces a coffee that is smoother and less concentrated. This results in a flavor profile that’s not as robust, yet still flavorful and aromatic.

Ideal for those who enjoy a traditional cup of coffee, the Classic Brew is perfect for an afternoon sip, ensuring a comforting and refreshing experience without the intensity of a richer brew.

The Cafe Forte Setting

The Ninja Coffee Bar’s Cafe Forte option makes a unique type of coffee that’s in between a regular classic cup and a stronger Specialty Brew.

It makes a slightly smaller amount than the regular classic setting, and uses more ground coffee, making it taste richer and deeper.

The Cafe Forte is like a double espresso shot, while the Specialty Brew is like a single shot. This results in a brew that’s robust and full-bodied, perfect for those moments when you crave a more intense coffee experience but without going to the extreme of a full Specialty Brew.

How To Brew Coffee With The Ninja Coffee Bar?

I recommend experimenting with different settings to find the one that you like best. Here is how you brew a cup and choose the brew mode you want:

  1. Fill the water to the desired level in the reservoir.
  2. Insert your chosen filter (paper or permanent) into the brew basket.
  3. Add 2-3 scoops of freshly ground coffee for a single serving.
  4. Place your mug on the multi-serve platform.
  5. Ensure the drip stop is open.
  6. Choose the brew setting you want to use by pushing the classic, rich, over-ice, specialty, or cafe-forte button.
  7. If brewing a full carafe, remove the cup platform, place the carafe under the basket, select the full carafe size, and choose the brew setting.
  8. Close the drip stop once brewing is complete.

Add milk, sugar, or any other preferred additions to your coffee, and enjoy your coffee.


The Ninja Coffee Bar offers a versatile range of brew settings tailored to every coffee lover’s preference.

From the boldness of the Rich Brew to the classic comfort of the Classic Brew, each setting serves a unique taste profile.

Whether you’re crafting a creamy cappuccino, a refreshing iced coffee, or a simple afternoon cup, this coffee machine caters to all, ensuring a delightful coffee experience every time.

Thanks for reading!