Ninja Coffee Maker Not Hot Enough (Solved!)

Have you ever eagerly reached for your morning cup of coffee, only to find it lukewarm? Is your Ninja Coffee Bar or Dual Brew coffee too cold?

I know just how essential a hot cup of joe can be to kickstart the day. Whether it’s a calibration issue or something more technical, I’ve got a guide to help you troubleshoot and rectify the issue!

How To Fix A Ninja Coffee Maker That Makes Coffee That Is Not Hot Enough?

If your Ninja coffee maker isn’t brewing hot coffee, recalibrate it according to its model (Dual-Brew or Coffee Bar) following the provided steps. Ensure the heating element isn’t broken, if it is, contact Ninja customer service.

Enhance the warmth of your coffee by preheating the coffee maker and cups, using a milk frother that heats, and descaling your machine regularly. If the warming plate doesn’t keep the coffee hot, adjust its duration settings.

Let’s dive into some more detail on how to do this below!

ninja coffee Not hot enough

Your Ninja Coffee Maker Is In High Altitude Mode

If your Ninja coffee maker brews coffee that’s too cold, it might be set for high altitudes. You’ll need to adjust the settings.

This is how to recalibrate your Ninja Dual-Brew:

  1. Fill the water reservoir to full.
  2. Remove the K-cup holder if it’s in.
  3. Ensure the filter basket is in place (no coffee or filter).
  4. Close the lid and place the empty carafe in, making sure the drip-stop is open, not closed.
  5. Power on the machine.
  6. Hold the hour, minute, and brew-style buttons at the same time until it beeps.
  7. Wait for the two-minute countdown timer to complete. The machine will calibrate the boiling point at your altitude.
  8. Carefully discard the hot water from the carafe.
  9. The calibration is now set, and your coffee maker is ready to brew.

Here is how to recalibrate the Ninja Coffee Bar:

  1. Fill the reservoir up to, but not above, the max fill line.
  2. Place the carafe into the machine.
  3. Press and hold both the “classic” button and the “over ice” button until the machine’s clock displays “CAL”.
  4. Wait for the calibration cycle to complete. The machine will beep, and “END” will appear on the clock display.
  5. Empty the water from the carafe.
  6. The machine is now re-calibrated and ready for brewing.

The Heating Element Is Broken

If the coffee comes out cold, it’s likely the heating element fuse has blown or the thermostat inside the machine broke. If you know how to fix appliances, you can try to replace them.

A better option is to reach out to Ninja customer service. If it’s under warranty, they’ll replace it for free. If the warranty has expired, they might offer you a significant discount on a new one.

Additional Tips To Make Your Ninja Coffee Warmer

The tips below are some general tips to make your coffee warmer, these tips are not specific for only Ninja coffee makers, but they can still help with getting you a hot cup of coffee.

Preheat Your Ninja Coffee Maker

I don’t usually do this myself, but I came across a tip that suggests you can preheat your Ninja coffee maker by just running a cycle without coffee.

Simply turn on your Ninja and initiate a brew without a capsule or filter with coffee in the machine.

This way, the internal components warm up. When you then make your actual coffee, it should be notably warmer.

Pre-Heat The Cups

Another effective way to make your Ninja coffee warmer is by warming up your coffee cup in advance using boiling water.

You don’t need a separate kettle for this step. When you preheat the coffee maker as mentioned previously, put your cup or carafe under the nozzle. The hot water from the Ninja will heat your cup. If you’re using the carafe, pour its hot water into your cup.

Swirl the hot water around the cup to ensure it’s sufficiently warmed. Discard that water, then proceed to brew your coffee.

Keep in mind that this method is best suited for ceramic or glass cups. Disposable cups, whether plastic or cardboard, don’t retain heat as effectively.

Double-walled cups and an insulated carafe can help retain heat even better.

Use A Milk Frother That Also Heats

If you’re like me, and you love making cappuccinos with your Ninja coffee maker, you may have noticed that the milk can cool down the coffee significantly.

This is usually because you use a hand-held frother that doesn’t heat the milk.

What I’ve done is invest in a milk frother that both heats and froths the milk. This ensures that the milk foam is warm, keeping your Ninja brew at the right temperature.

Alternatively, you could heat the milk on the stove and still froth it with a hand-held frother. Just make sure the milk is warm enough.

Ninja milk frother

Descale Your Ninja Coffee Maker

If you haven’t descaled your Ninja coffee maker in a while, there could be scale buildup on the heating element, which might reduce its efficiency in heating the water.

Descaling your Ninja machine is quite easy. I’ve outlined the descaling process in this article about the clean light that won’t go off on your Ninja coffee maker.

Ninja Coffee Maker Not Keeping Coffee Hot

If your Ninja warming plate isn’t maintaining the coffee’s temperature, you might have accidentally set the warming time to zero.

On many Ninja coffee makers, the default configuration keeps the warming plate on for two hours. However, you can extend its warming duration to up to 4 hours.

Here is how to change the time your Ninja hot plate stays warm:

  1. Press and hold the “Stay Warm” button.
  2. Wait until the clock starts flashing to indicate it’s in time-setting mode.
  3. To adjust the warming time:
    • Quickly press the “Hour” button to increase the time.
    • Quickly press the “Minute” button to adjust the minutes.
    • You can increase the time up to 4 hours or decrease it to 0 hours.
  4. To confirm the new time:
    • Press “Stay Warm” again.
    • Alternatively, simply wait for five seconds.
  5. The unit will beep, indicating the new time has been set.

Check out this article on some other brew settings on your ninja coffee bar to make the best coffee.


Maintaining the right temperature for your coffee with a Ninja coffee maker involves some simple troubleshooting and maintenance steps.

Whether it’s recalibrating the machine, preheating components, or making sure your heating elements are in working order, these actionable tips can help ensure that every cup of coffee is just the way you like it.

If you are experiencing any other problems with your Ninja coffee maker, be sure to check out the in-depth troubleshooting guide that I wrote specifically for Ninja coffee makers.

Thanks for reading!