Ninja Coffee Maker Not Making Full Cup Or Pot (Solved!)

Experiencing issues with your Ninja coffee maker not using all the water? It can be frustrating when you’re looking forward to a full cup or pot of coffee.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through some potential solutions to address this common problem and ensure you get the most out of your Ninja Coffee Bar!

How To Fix A Ninja Coffee Maker That Is Not Making A Full Cup Or Pot?

  • Check Settings and Water Level. Ensure you’ve selected the correct brew size and the water tank is adequately filled. Also, ensure the drip-stop lever is fully open.
  • Unclog Airlock or Mineral Deposits. Disconnect and blow into the water intake valve to clear blockages. Run a cleaning cycle afterward.
  • Drain the Machine. Remove parts, turn it upside down, press the valve, and drain all water. This can address potential design flaws.
  • Clear the Water Tank Valve. Clean the inside screen of the water tank and push the ‘x’ mark underneath it to ensure smooth water flow.
  • Descaling. Run a descaling cycle using a mixture of white vinegar and water. Two options are available; a 30-minute quick clean or a thorough 4-hour deep clean.

Let’s Get in to some more detail on how to do this below!

ninja Not Brewing Full cup or carafe

Brew Size And Water Level

Your Ninja Dual Brew or Coffee Bar not brewing a full cup usually goes hand in hand with the machine beeping 5 times when it’s not done yet. This can have a few different causes.

First check if you chose the right brew size. You might have picked a smaller size by mistake. Keep in mind that the ‘Brew mode’ also affects the brew size. For Example, the ‘Specialty’ setting only makes a 4oz cup.

Next, look at the water tank’s level. If it’s not full enough, the machine won’t make a full carafe or cup.

Make sure the drip-stop lever is fully open. If it’s only halfway open, it won’t let enough water through. This can cause the coffee filter to overflow and the machine to pour only half the amount.

Unclog Your Ninja From An Airlock In The Tubes

If your Ninja has mineral deposits or trapped air, it might pour less than expected.

Here’s a simple guide to clear blockages caused by air bubbles or mineral deposits in your Ninja coffee maker:

  1. Turn off and unplug the Ninja coffee maker. Put it on a towel to catch any spills.
  2. Have a cloth ready for cleaning.
  3. Remove all parts like the carafe and water tank.
  4. Locate the water intake valve where the tank was.
  5. Cover the coffee maker’s exit spout with the cloth.
  6. Blow into the intake valve, similar to inflating a balloon. You might notice particles or bubbles on the cloth, showing the blockage is clearing.
  7. Do this a few times.
  8. Reassemble the coffee maker, plug it in, and fill it with water.
  9. Run a half-pot cleaning cycle. Some initial dirty water is expected.

For best results and hygiene, run another cleaning cycle afterward.

Drain Your Ninja Coffee Maker

Here’s another method to remove air bubbles from your Ninja coffee maker by draining it:

  1. Remove all parts, like the reservoir and filter.
  2. Turn off and unplug the machine.
  3. Carefully turn the coffee maker upside down over a sink (watch out for any hot areas).
  4. Press the valve where the reservoir usually connects, letting the water flow out.
  5. Continue pressing the valve and gently shake the machine until all water is drained.
  6. After draining, set it up, plug it in, and try brewing.
  7. If needed, repeat the steps. Sometimes one attempt isn’t enough.

After draining your Ninja, the machine might work perfectly for a period of time before needing to repeat the process. This seems to be a design flaw in the Ninja coffee maker, but it’s a relatively easy fix.

Unclog The Water Tank Valve

Your coffee maker might not brew a full cup or carafe if it’s not getting sufficient water. This could be due to a low water level in the tank or a partially blocked water tank valve that restricts water flow.

Here’s how to clear the water tank valve:

  1. Remove the water container from the machine.
  2. Gently scrub the screen inside the water tank on three sides with a toothbrush and vinegar to remove dirt. One side might be harder to clean.
  3. Find the small ‘x’ mark underneath the water container. Push it inward several times using a straw or pencil, then blow through the filter to get rid of the remaining dirt.
  4. Once clean, rinse the water tank with water and put the coffee machine back together.
  5. Refill the water tank and try brewing. See if it brews a full cup or carafe.

This method can also help switch off the persistent ‘add water’ light on your Ninja coffee machine.

Your Ninja Coffee Maker Needs Descaling

After clearing any blockages, I recommend to perform a full descaling cycle. This not only removes any leftover dirt inside the machine but also cleans areas like the tubes and heating element to ensure they aren’t causing the problem.

Ninja coffee makers offer two cleaning options: a quick 30-minute cycle or a thorough 4-hour deep clean cycle. You can choose either one.

Here’s an easy guide to cleaning and descaling a Ninja coffee maker:

30-Minute Cleaning Cycle

  1. Empty any water currently sitting in your reservoir.
  2. Fill the reservoir with white vinegar to the “half-carafe” line.
  3. Fill the remainder of the reservoir with water, up to the “clean cycle max fill” line.
  4. Turn the knob to “full carafe”. If you don’t, the machine will start beeping and won’t allow you to proceed.
  5. Press the “clean” button. The machine will begin pulling a bit of the solution into the system, effectively immersing all parts.
  6. Wait for 30 minutes as the machine descales.
  7. Once the 30-minute cycle finishes, all the vinegar-water solution will have been run through and the reservoir should be empty.
  8. Dump out any remaining solution, and rinse out the reservoir.
  9. Fill the reservoir with clean water up to the max fill line, then run the “clean” cycle again. Do this twice.
  10. The “clean” light should then switch off, indicating the cleaning cycle is complete.

4-Hour Deep Cleaning Cycle

  1. Fill the reservoir with white vinegar to the “half-carafe” line.
  2. Fill the remainder of the reservoir with water, up to the “clean cycle max fill” line.
  3. Hold down the “clean” button for 5 seconds to start a 4-hour timer.
  4. The machine will slowly run 9 ounces of the vinegar-water solution through the system every hour, in order to deeply clean the machine.
  5. After the 4-hour cycle, rinse out the reservoir.
  6. Fill the reservoir with clean water up to the max fill line, then run the “clean” cycle again. Do this twice.
  7. The “clean” light should then switch off, indicating the cleaning cycle is complete.

Note: It’s important to distinguish between the “clean cycle max fill” line and the “max fill” line. For these cleaning cycles, always fill to the “clean cycle max fill” line.

Only fill it to the “half-carafe” line when doing the cleaning cycles with fresh water. This will let the machine sense that you’re not trying to brew coffee.


Ensuring your Ninja coffee maker operates at its peak performance requires a bit of troubleshooting and regular maintenance.

Whether it’s checking your settings, clearing potential blockages, or running descaling cycles, these steps can ensure you always get a full cup or pot.

It’s not just about addressing the immediate issue but also about prolonging the life and efficiency of your machine.

If you are experiencing any other problems with your Ninja coffee maker, be sure to check out the in-depth troubleshooting guide that I wrote specifically for Ninja coffee makers.

Thanks for reading!