Ninja Coffee Maker Problems (Troubleshooting Guide!)

This guide is applicable to the Ninja Coffee Bar, Dual Brew, Specialty, and Hot And Cold models. There is a lot of overlap between the models, so if you see a solution that isn’t specified for a specific model, it usually applies to all models.

Common Ninja Coffee Maker Problems

Some common problems people experience with Ninja coffee makers are: The buttons not working, the clock not working, the brew light blinking, the clean cycle not working, leaking, and beeping five times.

I’m going to cover all these problems and more in this in-depth Ninja coffee maker troubleshooting article!

ninja coffee maker full troubleshooting guide

Ninja Coffee Maker Buttons Not Working

The brew, stay-warm, and power buttons are the most common ones to malfunction on a Ninja coffee maker. Here’s how to fix them when they’re not working:

The Brew Button Not Working

If the brew button isn’t working, an easy workaround is to set the delay brew function for one minute from the current time. Oddly enough, setting the delay often causes the brewer to start working correctly after that minute has passed.

This fix might become tedious since you have to wait a minute each time. Another solution you could try is to unplug your coffee maker and leave it unplugged for 30 minutes. This gives the circuit board time to reset before you plug it back in.

The Stay Warm Button Is Not Working

If the stay warm button is not working then you might’ve set the warming time to zero by mistake.

Most Ninja coffee makers are set to keep the coffee warm for two hours, but you can adjust this up to four hours if needed.

Here’s how to change the warming time:

  1. Hold down the “Stay Warm” button.
  2. Wait for the clock to blink, showing it’s ready to be adjusted.
  3. Adjust the warming time:
    • Tap “Hour” to add hours.
    • Tap “Minute” to add minutes. You can set the time anywhere from 0 to 4 hours.
  4. To save the new setting:
    • Press “Stay Warm” again.
    • Or, just wait five seconds. The machine will beep to confirm.

Also, there are more settings on your Ninja coffee bar to explore for better coffee. Check them out!

The Power Button Is Not Working

If the power button on your Ninja coffee maker isn’t working, the most likely cause is the power supply. Ensure that the machine is plugged in and that the socket it’s connected to has power.

Alternatively, a fuse might have blown in your Ninja coffee maker. If you’re handy with appliances, you can try to replace it yourself. However, the best option for most people would be to contact Ninja customer service.

The Clock Display Is Not Working

A common issue is that the coffee maker’s display is not responsive, not allowing any selection. Here is how you fix that:

  1. Check if the Ninja pod holder or coffee ground basket is fully slid forward. This is a requirement for the display to function correctly.
  2. If not, move it completely forward. This step is necessary to enable the option to make a full coffee pot.
  3. If it’s still not working, check the microswitch at the back. The brew head activates this switch when it’s fully slid forward.
  4. You can also remove and reinsert the brew head to ensure it’s properly seated on its track.
  5. The display should change according to whether you’re using K-cups or ground coffee, reflecting the selected sizes.

The most common issue is that the Ninja pod holder or coffee ground basket can sometimes slide back, which deactivates the display.

The Drip Stop Is Not Working

With the newer Ninja models, the problem could simply be that someone has accidentally shifted the drip stop lever on the basket.

If the lever is in its correct position but the drip stop light remains on, and your Ninja coffee maker isn’t functioning, the problem might be due to a rusted magnet inside the coffee basket. Usually, this also results in your Ninja beeping 5 times.

This magnet signals the coffee maker that the basket is in place. However, if it becomes rusted or loses its magnetism, the Ninja might mistakenly believe that the basket isn’t properly placed, causing the drip stop feature to malfunction.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to replace the magnet inside the basket:

Ninja Coffee Maker Says Closed

When your Ninja coffee maker displays the ‘closed’ or ‘water closed’ message, it is indicating that the drip stop lever is in the closed position. This message is prompting you to open it.

To clear the ‘closed’ message, simply slide the drip stop lever to the open position.

The Brew Light Is Blinking

When the brew lights are blinking it is usually because the brew basket is not fully inserted or the filter holder is missing from the brew basket.

To resolve this, make sure the brew basket is fully inserted and that a filter holder is in place.

The ‘Add Water’ Light Stays On

To fix a Ninja coffee maker that keeps indicating ‘add water’, first, ensure that the water tank is full and properly seated in its place.

If the ‘add water’ light doesn’t turn off after this. Try removing the water tank and replacing it multiple times to ensure it is correctly seated.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, examine the exit spout and the screen in the tank, as they may be blocked. To clean the screen, use a toothbrush and vinegar. To clean the exit spout, take a straw or pencil to push the small ‘x’ on the bottom of the spout inward a few times.

Check out the full guide I wrote on troubleshooting the add water light that won’t go off on a Ninja coffee maker. There you can find some more in-depth troubleshooting steps.

My Ninja Coffee Maker Is Stuck On Tea

Ninja coffee makers recognize the different baskets, whether for coffee or tea, through a magnet inside each basket. If the magnet in the tea basket loses some of its magnetism, then the machine won’t recognize that the tea basket is inserted.

To fix this, simply take out the tea basket and put it back in. Repeat this process until the coffee maker recognizes the tea basket.

Alternatively, you could use a strong magnet to fool the machine into thinking the tea basket is in place. Do this by placing the magnet above the back of the basket and moving it around a bit until the machine switches to tea mode.

Ninja Coffee Maker Will Clean But Not Brew

Is your Ninja coffee maker able to clean but not brew? Or is it not brewing after you’ve cleaned it?

It’s possible that your Ninja coffee maker is stuck in descaling mode, or that you need to turn off the descaling light first.

You can resolve both of these issues by running a cleaning cycle in the correct manner.

Here is how to descale your Ninja coffee maker:

  • First, prepare by filling the reservoir with a mix of white vinegar and fresh water. For the Ninja Dual Brew, set up according to your frequent use (coffee grounds basket or K-cup holder).
  • Turn on the machine and press the “clean” button followed by the start button. The machine will run a descaling cycle, after which you should rinse the machine by brewing a full carafe of plain water.
  • For the Ninja Coffee Bar, select the full carafe size and press the clean button for a 60-minute cleaning cycle. After the cycle, rinse with plain water. Regular descaling every three months is recommended for optimal performance.

Check out my full guide to cleaning your Ninja coffee maker here.

Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Cycle Not Working

If the cleaning cycle is not working on your Ninja Coffee Bar. Try resetting it with these steps:

  1. Unplug the coffee maker and wait 15 minutes.
  2. Take apart the machine. Remove the water tank and filter.
  3. Clean the removable parts.
  4. Reassemble the machine carefully.
  5. Plug it back in.
  6. Refill the water tank and see if the ‘clean’ light turns off.

This process should help fix any glitches with the coffee maker.

ninja coffee

The Grounds Basket Is Overflowing

To fix a Ninja Coffee Maker that is overflowing the basket, ensure you are using the correct amount of coffee grounds. Using too much can lead to overflowing due to slow water flow and the blooming of the coffee grounds.

Next, make sure you’re not using a grind size that is meant for espresso, a grind size like that is too fine and can cause overflow, while a grind that is too coarse may result in a weak taste.

It’s also important to regularly clean the filter basket, with special attention to the exit spout area, to prevent blockages that can cause overflowing.

Following these steps will address common causes of overflowing and help ensure that your Ninja Coffee Maker operates efficiently.

My Ninja Beeps 5 Times And Then Stops

When your Ninja coffee maker stops and beeps 5 times mid-brew, the most likely cause is that the coffee maker can’t get enough water. First, check if the water reservoir is full, and confirm that the drip stop lever is open.

If both of these conditions are met and the problem persists, your Ninja might be clogged. To fix this, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the coffee maker.
  2. Disassemble the necessary parts to access the water suction port.
  3. Blow into the water suction port to clear out any blockages.
  4. Reassemble the coffee maker.
  5. Run a half-pot cleaning cycle.
  6. If the issue remains, repeat the steps as necessary.

Here are some more in-depth instructions on what to do when your Ninja coffee maker beeps 5 times.

Not Making Full Cup Or Pot

To fix a Ninja Coffee Maker that is not making a full cup or pot, ensure you’ve selected the correct brew size and that the water tank is adequately filled. Also, make sure the drip-stop lever is fully open.

If you’ve done these things and your Ninja still only brews half a cup or pot, then it might be clogged with an airlock or mineral build-up.

Leaking Water From The Bottom

Ensure the drip stop lever is closed and all components are correctly in place. Clean or replace the O-ring on the water reservoir outlet spout. Regularly empty a full drip tray, and ensure all screws are tightly secured.

For more information on this problem, read this in-depth troubleshooting guide for a leaking Ninja coffee maker.


This guide provides practical solutions for common issues that Ninja Coffee Maker users may encounter.

From button malfunctions to leaking problems, these troubleshooting steps are designed to help you quickly resolve issues and get back to enjoying your favorite brews.

Regular maintenance is key, and if issues persist, reaching out to Ninja customer service is a recommended next step. Cheers to smoother brewing and better mornings ahead!