How To Run Water Through A Nespresso Vertuo (Explained!)

Whether you’re preparing for your morning espresso or cleaning up post-brew, knowing how to run water through your Nespresso Vertuo can be beneficial.

This process can warm up your machine before use or aid in cleaning it afterward.

It’s important to note that while the Nespresso Vertuo doesn’t possess a dedicated hot water function, these simple steps can still help in effectively rinsing your machine with water.

How To Run Water Through A Nespresso Vertuo?

To run water through a Nespresso Vertuo, either initiate a short cleaning cycle by pressing the button three times and stopping it in time by pressing the button again or rinse and reuse an old capsule. Keep in mind, that quarterly descaling is still recommended for maintenance.

Let’s dive into some more detail below!

Run water through Nespresso Vertuo

Using The Short Cleaning Cycle To Run Water Through Your Nespresso Vertuo

To run some water through your Nespresso Vertuo without a pod in it, you can initiate a short cleaning cycle (without any cleaning solution in the tank).

Here is how you do that:

  1. Lift and close the lid to cancel any running mode, including the brewing process.
  2. Put a cup under the dispensing spout.
  3. Press the button three times within two or three seconds.
  4. The button will start to flash orange and the machine will begin to pump 40 to 80ml of water.
  5. After the button has blinked ten to fifteen times, press it once more. Be sure to press the button within 20 to 30 seconds or else the machine will enter a deep-cleaning mode and empty all the water in the tank. But, you can also stop that cycle at any time.
  6. Once the pumping and spinning process is complete, the button will return to a solid green light.
  7. If desired, you can repeat this process.

These steps are a quick and easy way to preheat your machine and increase the temperature of the water by a few degrees.

They also help clean any leftover coffee residue before it hardens inside the machine.

Using An Old Capsule To Run Water Through Your Nespresso Vertuo

Rinsing your Nespresso Vertuo by using an old capsule can be simpler because you don’t need to worry about stopping the cleaning cycle.

Plus, it uses less water, so you won’t need to refill the tank as frequently as you would with the cleaning cycle method.

Here’s the method to run water through, using a used capsule:

  1. Retrieve a used Nespresso capsule from the capsule bin.
  2. Remove the plastic cover.
  3. Empty the coffee grounds.
  4. Clean the aluminum shell by rinsing it.
  5. Reuse the aluminum shell to run water through your machine.

You don’t need to use a Nespresso capsule specifically, but using an espresso capsule might be easier because it uses less water.

Nespresso Vertuo Capsules

Do You Need to Run Water Through Your Nespresso Vertuo Every Time?

If you’re asking whether you must clean your Nespresso Vertuo with only water after each use, the simple answer is no, you don’t have to.

This can be good to do as it helps clean out leftover coffee and might make your next cup taste better. But because Vertuo machines use a lot of water, doing this every time might be inconvenient.

It’s a good idea to rinse it with just water at least once a week or even more often if you use it frequently. Also, remember to use a descaling solution to clean it occasionally for a deeper clean.

Don’t Forget To Descale Every Three Months

Just rinsing your Nespresso with water occasionally won’t keep it totally clean. It’s crucial to descale it, which means getting rid of the build-up of minerals inside your machine. Water alone can’t do this job.

Ignoring this routine can lead to your machine’s brewing disk getting stuck, which often results in the dreaded orange light blinking and the machine not brewing.

Or the machines tubes could get clogged with scales resulting in your Nespresso not being able to pump water anymore.

In essence, descaling every three months ensures your machine functions smoothly, delivering your favorite cup of coffee each time. It’s a small task that goes a long way in maintaining the longevity of your Nespresso machine and the quality of your coffee.

Preparing a Nespresso vertuo coffee cup

How To Run Water Through Nespresso Original Line?

With the Nespresso Original Line it’s even simpeler to run only water through the system.

Here’s how to run just water through your Nespresso Original Line machine:

  1. Open the lever to eject any old capsule.
  2. Close the lever again.
  3. Put a cup under the spout.
  4. Press the brew button.
  5. Your Nespresso Original will now run water through the system.


In summary, running water through your Nespresso Vertuo is a straightforward process, which can either be achieved through initiating a short cleaning cycle or by using a cleaned, old capsule.

This practice not only prepares your machine for a warm brew but also ensures its cleanliness after use.

Regular rinsing and descaling every three months will help maintain the machine’s longevity and the quality of your coffee, making every cup as enjoyable as the last.

Thanks for reading!